Mulberry Leaves

Besides producing mulberries, the mulberry plant has many uses. My mom boils the leaves and stems with honey dates for a soothing tea. We also discovered that we can use the leaves to line our baking pan when grilling meats. The leaves are used as a substitute for aluminium foil and they can be eaten too! Eco-friendly and healthy alternative.

Since we found out that it is pretty delicious when grilled til crispy, I tried to incorporate mulberry leaves into my oven recipes. Inspired by the Greek stuffed grape leaves, I made some of these pork rolls wrapped in mulberry leaves. I marinated the minced pork with the usual salt, pepper, olive oil and some curry powder. Roll them up with mulberry leaves, drizzle generously with olive oil and bake at 180C til crisp.

The mulberry leaf shrinks and wraps itself around the meat when grilled. It forms a little envelope around the meat so you don’t have to worry about the wrapping opening up while cooking. It is the perfect wrapper for the grill.

So if you have a mulberry bush at home, make good use of the leaves. Use them to bake and grill, boil soup or just to line your pan.

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