Video Series: Old School Recipes from Malaysian Aunties

Introducing my latest video project, a series of cooking videos entitled Old School Recipes from Malaysian Aunties. These are recipes from Malaysian aunties with decades of cooking experience and wisdom passed down from generations of amazing home cooks. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, I have been spending a lot of time cooking at home. And it occurred to me that I should take this time to jot down the recipes for all the classic Malaysian dishes that my mother and grandmother used to make. Sometimes, I find myself asking my aunties or mother’s friends or my friends’ mothers for recipes and advice. And every auntie has her own signature recipe that has been honed through years of fine-tuning. 

So I decided to start my collection of recipes from these aunties and replicate them in my video series. You can watch these videos on my YouTube playlist here:

I will be starting off with a few local Malaysian favourites:

So keep a lookout for more video recipes coming up. The aunties and I will be busy in the kitchen.

Warning: most recipes may be tedious and time-consuming due to their traditional origins, but do remember that flavour is the essence of time and labour.     

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